perjantai 2. marraskuuta 2007

Toft ATC-2 & Joemeek SixQ & Studio Projects C4 & T3

I got a Toft ATC-2 and a Joemeek SixQ for trial last weekend. I was supposed to get an TwinQ, but the retailer didn't have one, so I really couldn't test them on overheads. But I tested them on vocals and on percussions.

The EQ on the Toft is nice, but I really liked the Joemeek pre more, specially on snare with the iron pushed in, and same on the vocals. I did a demo vocal take with half of the song with, and half the song without the 'iron' button pushed in. As one could imagine the iron-mode had more pronounced transients and cut trough the mix better than without the 'iron'. For background vocals I removed the 'iron'.. It worked a little like a mini deesser already while recording.

I am yet to have made a final verdict which I like more, the Joemeek or the Toft, but I think I will go with the Joemeeks. I didn't feel the Toft EQ to give that much more power for the recording to justify we should get it, but the Joemeek pre was quite nice.

I also got four boxes of Studio Projects mics for trial. I got the C4 pair, the TB1 that I haven't tried yet, the T3 and I think the fourth box (unopened) is the C3.

I tried the C4 as overheads and they worked quite nicely, but I didn't have 414s to compare with, so I have no final verdict on them. They worked nicely on congas and percussions. I ran them trough the Toft ATC-2 with it's EQ in use.

I still have to do further testing with the C4's, but I really think we are going to keep them. :)

The T3 was a nice mic. Everything written about it in magazines seemed to be about right. It gives instant sheen for vocals. It cleans up ugly treble sounds and it cuts trough the mix giving the vocals a nice sprinkle of 'air'.

I think this mic is a keeper. The vocalist I tried it on said his vocals never sounded so good before and for the prize I think the mic is unbeatable. I still have the TB1 in the box, I must try that one out asap, eventhough I am quite sure the T3 is the the one to keep.

I hope to post some soundclips soon.

- Jesse -

Studio blog


I will post here something I think will be an studioblog.. I hope I have time to update as often as possible..

- Jesse -