tiistai 18. elokuuta 2009

DIY Synth - Arduino project

Today I built a DIY synth based on some ideas I found on the web.

Here's some build photos and a video.

First I soldered the 5k pots to a piece of PTP DIY board. I got the pots and board from ebay. I added the pin header strip connectors so I can connect and remove the Arduino from the pots if I want to. The output jack also uses pin headers for easy removal. I bought a bunch of 1x40 Pin 2.54mm Pin header strips from ebay.

Here's the "pot bridge" connected.

Here's the prototype box. I used a cardboard box I found lying in my garbage. It's probably a box a wallwart shipped in.

Here's a video that demonstrates my Auduino:

You can find the detail on this project here: